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The Guardian

By Mark Oliver / World news 02:58pm (The Guardian News Blog )
Welcome to Sim Sweatshop, an online game that seeks to increase awareness of the appalling conditions many workers in the developing world face every day.

Perhaps it is a timely and appropriate way of trying to reach young consumers and inform them about sweatshops.

"I think this is absolutely brilliant..." JohnnyDee, Guardian Guide


nacho nomadlife

It is hard to imagine the struggles some people go through in life with labour exploitation; poor quality working conditions; extremely low salaries; etc; etc; etc

On another note, working on some eLearning projects made me reconfirm how important EXPERIENTIAL ACTIVITES are for the true understanding of issues and assimilation of knowledge. It certainly makes that CLICK in your head that enables you understanding and making that piece of information part of your knowledge.

Putting these two things together, I would like to share a web that my friend Cheryl suggested me visiting. Play for a little while; have fun; and then think… http://www.simsweatshop.com/



put yourself in their shoes.... literally

i was reading a blog i regularly read today and they had a link to this website called simsweatshop; its very interesting. basically its a game in which you are a worker in a sweatshop and must work hard putting together sports shoes and trying to make the daily quota.... if you don't, your pay is docked. its a very eye-opening 'game'. maybe it'll actually cause us to start caring about people who really live in those situations......


The Perthian Brick Burner

Charlie Chaplin’s “Modern Times” is the last of the great silent pix. Rent it. See it. Enjoy it. ... And then, click on your game of the week ... http://www.simsweatshop.com/ - An modern update of "Modern Times"



Thanks to Jonny Baker for higlighting this website, He calls it a "worship trick" . . . I'll just say that if you have internet access where your youth group meets (pref broadband), get the young people playing this . . . who can get the top score, basically you play a game in a sweatshop where you have to put the shoes together . . . having played it I felt rubbish and looked at my trainers . . . check out the sim here.

It got me thinking about other things - not just to do with poor employment conditions, but how about a war game where the object is to chuck women and children in front and let them eat up the fire power of your enemy? There were other things I thought . . . but shouldn't post them here.

I am reminded in the context of church and our worship of the words in Isaiah 1, especially, "cease to do evil, learn to do good; seek justice, rescue the oppressed, defend the orphan, plead for the widow."

What a challenge these verses are, but also what Jesus says, "learn what this means, I desire mercy not sacrifice" in Matthew 9 and Matthew 12 as he reflects on the passage in Isaiah. This website (simsweatshop) is a small and inadequate way of connecting with hardship, but it makes the point.


Dropping Knowledge

The horned god